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'Star Wars: The Old Republic' racks up one million MMO users in two weeks

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EA and BioWare claim Star Wars: The Old Republic has set the record for fastest growing subscription MMO, reaching one million registered players in two weeks' time.

Star Wars: Old Republic wallpaper
Star Wars: Old Republic wallpaper

Star Wars: The Old Republic is now the "fastest-growing subscription MMO in history" with over one million registered players to date. That number may seem staggering, as the PR stating the claim was issued just three days after the game officially launched. However, the million simply includes those who were granted early access to the game (a week ahead of time) via pre-order.

Still, EA and BioWare were proud to announce that as of December 23rd, players spent an average of over five hours per day accumulating 28 million in-game hours, and today (just three days later) that number has more than doubled to 60 million. Interestingly, those one million meatbags have created more Sith than Jedi (850K vs. 810K) and have killed billions of NPCs (two billion as of December 23rd and three billion as of December 26th!). Question: according to the numbers, The Old Republic is off to what appears to be a good start, but will it be able to stand strong against competitors like WoW and LoL? Or will things come to a melancholy conclusion a few years down the road? Only time will tell, dear reader.