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The Pill iPod nano speaker dock offers the healing power of music

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Gavio's The Pill is a 6th generation iPod nano speaker dock that looks just like a capsule. It has two speakers and volume and track controls.

Gavio The Pill speaker dock
Gavio The Pill speaker dock

There's something about the traditional, two-tone capsule that seems to really get designers going. Guess we really do like our medicine... Anyways, Gavio's The Pill is a speaker dock for the newest (6th generation) iPod nano that looks, well, just like a pill. Other than its aesthetics, it holds your iPod, has two speakers, and has hardware volume and track controls. There's no information on pricing, and it doesn't look like there's any way to pre-order it, but we'll likely see more of this speaker dock at CES in a couple of weeks. It's just too bad this didn't come out in time for the holidays — it would have made the perfect gift for that doctor-who-has-everything on your list. There's always next year, right?