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Inside Microsoft's Envisioning Lab

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An exclusive look at Microsoft's Envisioning Lab, where the company shows off devices and concepts from its future vision.

Josh at Microsoft Envisioning Lab
Josh at Microsoft Envisioning Lab

Our own Joshua Topolsky recently toured Microsoft's research campus, where the company's cooking up all kinds of crazy tech . Today we're pleased to share a look at Microsoft's Envisioning Lab, a space where the company shares innovations from its visions for the future.

In this clip, Microsoft's Harald Becker walks Josh through the lab, showing off a number of devices and concepts. Most notably, Becker shares a future vision for the Office suite — it's got a slick, free-flowing interface on a futuristic looking computer with numerous touchscreen monitors. With the exception of Microsoft's Segoe UI typeface and some Metro UI elements, the concept is a far cry from anything Microsoft's got on the market right now. Becker says you should "think of this as a concept car type approach," so we're not looking at final products.

It's a great glimpse inside the innovative minds at Microsoft, so check it out. Also be sure to catch our latest episode of On The Verge to see Josh's extended tour of Microsoft research.