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Lenovo confirms LeTV smart television and announces new cloud storage service

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According to The Wall Street Journal, Lenovo has confirmed it'll offer a LeTV smart television in Q1 2012 alongside a 200GB cloud storage service. It's likely that we'll learn more at CES 2012 in a couple weeks.

Lenovo Smart TV
Lenovo Smart TV

We previously heard from IDG that Lenovo would be offering a smart television (dubbed the IdeaTV) in Q1 2012 with a focus on allowing users to easily share content between devices. We're not quite sure how we missed it until now, but The Wall Street Journal reported that the company will facilitate that sharing with a new cloud storage service that will automatically sync media between devices and offer users 200GB of storage each. The company's also announced that its smart television is now being called the LeTV (although we think the previously-reported IdeaTV name may stick outside of China), and that it'll be released in the first quarter of the upcoming new year. We'll likely learn more about the LeTV and the cloud service in a couple weeks' time at CES 2012.