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Cyanogenmod 9's launcher, Trebuchet, available in early alpha for Android 4.0.3 devices

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The custom launcher for the popular Cyanogenmod 9 ROM has been released in Alpha form. It only works on Android 4.0.3 devices, but it offers customizations above and beyond what's available in Ice Cream Sandwich.

Trebuchet Android Launcher 1200
Trebuchet Android Launcher 1200

Development on the latest version of the popular, Android 4.0-based Cyanogenmod 9 ROM for Android devices continues. While it's already available in early form for the Nexus S, more devices will be coming eventually along with new features planned. One of those features is an improved launcher called, appropriately enough, "Trebuchet." Developer nebkat has posted an early alpha version up on xda-developers and although it's still an alpha build, it's fairly full-featured. Currently it supports a custom number of home screens, disabling the persistent search bar, widget resizing, and enabling auto-rotate — with more features on the way.

Right now, Trebuchet only works with Android 4.0.3 devices, which is limited to only a few devices. It also requires some command-line jiggery-pokery to install, which is as it should be for an alpha build. Even if you aren't up to trying Trebuchet, it's good to see that the Cyanogen team is forging ahead and the polish here bodes well for the other pending customizations to come, which should include an enhanced music app and file manager.