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HTC adds more devices to its bootloader unlock tool

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HTC has added more devices to its bootloader unlocking tool, including the MyTouch 4G Slide, Evo Design 4G, and Evo View 4G tablet. The process still requires registration with HTC, a relatively convoluted setup that may dissuade some users.

HTC Bootloader Process 640
HTC Bootloader Process 640

HTC did what it said it would in releasing a bootloader unlocking tool for the HTC Amaze, Evo 3D, and Sensation, but it appears that the company is going just a bit further for would-be Android hackers. Two more devices have been recently added to the supported list, the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide and the Evo View 4G tablet on Sprint, joining the Evo Design 4G and HTC Flyer tablet variants. All told, HTC is offering the unlocking tool for 23 devices, if you count all the carrier-specific models.

HTC's process for unlocking the bootloader is still as convoluted now as it was when it was unveiled this past fall, involving a five-step process that includes the Android SDK, registration, validation, and finally an email directly from the company with your unlock key. It's certainly not as straightforward as the recently-developed, though unofficial, HTC Super Tool, but perhaps you just like to stay on the straight and narrow when putting a custom ROM on your Android phone.