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YouTube Slam challenges users to find and vote for the next big thing

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YouTube has introduced Slam — a head-to-head video battle where users select their favorites in hope of discovering buried talent.

YouTube Slam2
YouTube Slam2

YouTube has officially announced Slam, a game that lets users cast a vote for one of two juxtaposed videos. The idea of the "video discovery experiment" is to help viewers find the hidden gems buried within the site. Originally, the game had just one video category — music. These videos are machine-selected by Google through a process of acoustic and visual analysis that tries to predict whether the average listener would like a performance. The same technology has been applied to other types of slams, with the addition of new comedy, cute, bizarre and dance categories. You can play the game right now by clicking the source link below and then voting on the videos from your selected category. And if you're trying to get on the leaderboards, be sure to sign in to keep track of those points.