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Dell Android phone build approved for Department of Defense

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The first Android phone build, Dell Android 2.2, has been approved for use on Department of Defense computer networks. Although only one phone currently uses this version of Android, Dell has hinted that other devices will be coming out next year.

Dell Venue
Dell Venue

As part of the military's testing of Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices earlier this year, the US Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) has approved the Dell build of Android 2.2 for use on Department of Defense computer networks. Users won't have access to classified material or the Android Market on their phones, and web browsing requires a proxy server, but it's a big step forward for an organization that hadn't approved any non-BlackBerry smartphones until now.

There's currently only one phone running Dell Android 2.2: the 4.1-inch Venue. But it isn't the only Dell Android product to be given the DISA go-ahead — their Mobile Security for Android platform, introduced on the now-discontinued Streak tablet, was approved last month. At that time, Dell said that the DISA policy would "allow the next wave of Dell Android devices, set for release next year, to be rapidly integrated into military environments," so we might be seeing more of the Froyo phones in the near future. There's no word on other Android builds or full iOS approval, but with an official military app store on the table, it looks like the Department of Defense's smartphone initiatives are more than just talk.