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TorrentFreak lists 2011's top ten pirated movies

TorrentFreak lists 2011's top ten pirated movies


TorrentFreak has released its list of top ten pirated films from 2011. Fast Five, The Hangover Part II, and Thor represent the top three, and the year's top grossing film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2 takes the tenth spot.

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TorrentFreak has released its top ten chart of the most downloaded movies worldwide of 2011, and, as usual, it's difficult to make any solid conclusions from it. It's headlined by Fast Five, with The Hangover Part II and Thor rounding out the top three. The top ten list looks to be skewed by young male tastes. Films like Harry Potter, Twilight, and Pirates of the Caribbean, which were in the top five by international gross, appear to have scored much lower as their advantage of appealing to wide audiences may have been negated. The appearance of low-grossing films like Sucker Punch, 127 Hours, and Source Code are also a clue of the demographics of pirates. Of course, it's impossible to account for every statistic with such broad generalizations — the absence of Transformers and the appearance of Rango are harder to explain.

Below we've reproduced TorrentFreak's top ten chart, which was collected "from several sources, including reports from thousands of BitTorrent trackers" and includes "all release formats, including cammed versions." We've added each movie's worldwide gross ranking from Box Office Mojo. Keep your head held high, MPAA — there's always SOPA to look forward to in 2012!

Rank Movie Downloads Gross revenue Gross rank
1 Fast Five 9,260,000 $626,137,675 6
2 The Hangover Part II 8,840,000 $581,464,305 7
3 Thor 8,330,000 $449,326,618 12
4 Source Code 7,910,000 $123,278,618 53
5 I am Number Four 7,670,000 $144,500,437 44
6 Sucker Punch 7,200,000 $89,792,502 65
7 127 Hours 6,910,000 $60,738,797 N/A*
8 Rango 6,480,000 $245,155,348 20
9 The King's Speech 6,250,000 $414,211,549 N/A*
10 Harry Potter and the
Deathly Hallows Part 2
6,030,000 $1,328,111,219 1

* Movie came out in 2010, not ranked on Box Office Mojo's list of "2011 Worldwide Grosses"

Image Credit: fuzzcat (Flickr)