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Sahar Fikouhi's Grid: augmented reality gaming at architectural scale

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Sahar Fikouhi's augmented reality game Grid is a virtual 3D maze that players move through in real life.

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Augmented reality’s been on our minds since our trip to Microsoft’s cutting-edge Building 99 research center earlier this month, so we were excited when we saw Sahar Fikouhi's Grid, an augmented reality game constructed with nothing more than an iPhone, the Qualcomm Augmented Reality SDK, Xcode, and a big room with a bunch of squiggly writing on the walls.

According to Fikouhi’s blog, "Grid is an Augmented Reality environment which provides a spatial configuration for real-time gaming at an architectural scale," meaning, "Grid is a life-size virtual maze game that you play by walking around." A video on the blog shows a number of players stepping gingerly through a 3D maze that's visible only on the screen of their phone as they contort themselves in an effort to pick up the game's rings. While Fikouhi's project is certainly a very impressive accomplishment, the most exciting thing to us is the next generation of augmented reality games that cheap technology like this is going to enable.

Grid from SAHAR FIKOUHI on Vimeo.