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Spotify added 1.5 million paid subscribers in 2011

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Spotify added 1.5 million paid subscribers this year raising the total to 2.5 million, and signed 300,000 independent music labels.

Spotify Top Ten
Spotify Top Ten

The July launch of Spotify in the US helped make this a big year for music, but it was probably an even bigger year for the Swedish streamer. The company also launched in Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, and Belgium and added 1.5 million paid subscribers, more than doubling the total to 2.5 million — a large part of this was probably due to Facebook Open Graph integration. In order to feed the musical appetites of all those users, Spotify signed over 300,000 independent music labels and added about 20,000 new tracks per day. Check out Spotify's year in review for the top 100 tracks by country at the source. Spoiler (or probably not): Foster the People's Pumped up Kicks was number one in the US.