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UK Prime Minister to get a custom iPad app to keep on top of business

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UK Prime Minister David Cameron is getting his own personal iPad app developed, which will help him keep on top of information and news from a variety of sources. The app will eventually be available for public release.

david cameron's breakfast
david cameron's breakfast

UK Prime Minister David Cameron is getting his own personalized iPad app, though it sounds more like a glorified RSS reader than a 24-style control center. He'll be able to get up-to-date information like crime statistics and unemployment numbers at the touch of a virtual button, with information from Twitter and news sources also being fed in. We've known for a while that Mr. Cameron is a fan of the iPad, with Angry Birds in particular being a favorite — although he doesn't use email for official work and instead sends traditional notes on papers that are delivered to him. The app will eventually be made available to the public, so we wouldn't expect Mr. Cameron's iPad to become a security risk any time soon.