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Tubalr automatically creates YouTube music video playlists for easy listening

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A service called Tubalr takes music videos from YouTube and presents them in a clean, auto--playing playlist format without the clutter and hassle of the full YouTube site.

Tubalr 683
Tubalr 683

Tubalr is a web service that allows you to punch in a band name, hit a button, and be presented with a clean and simple playlist of music videos from that band based on content pulled from YouTube. Originally created by Cody Stewart back in September 2010 and iterated quite a lot since then, it's neither the first simplified YouTube interface we've seen (hello Quietube) nor is it likely to be the last. What it is, however, is a clean, simple and above all fast way to get a playlist of music from an artist from content available from the web. You can choose either to only get songs from the artist you search for or choose to get related music as well, and it simply plays through each YouTube video in succession. Tubalr also includes some barebones integration for pulling band info and genres, as well registration if you'd like to save favorites.

Since it's based on a fairly straightforward search, you're likely to be presented with a mix of fan videos and actual music videos, so expect to do some skipping from time to time. Regardless, it a clever service that's worth a shot the next time Pandora hands you the same song for the fourth time.