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Good Deal: Roku 2 HD for 20 percent off at $47.99

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Roku is offering its Roku 2 HD streamer this weekend for 20 percent off the normal price of $59.99.

Roku 2 HD Good Deal
Roku 2 HD Good Deal

Roku is pushing its tiny streaming boxes harder than ever this holiday season with a pretty massive marketing campaign — and if you're looking for an Apple TV alternative that's actually more capable in many ways, they're a solid option. The biggest challenge about the Roku buying process might actually be choosing amongst the four variants the company offers, but maybe that decision just got a little easier: the Roku 2 HD model, normally $59.99, is being offered this weekend for 20 percent off. At $47.99, that ends up making it a bit cheaper than the low-end $49.99 Roku LT. Think of it this way — can use the $12 you save to pay for a month and a half of Netflix.