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Intel Ivy Bridge processors set for Q2 2012 release, specs leaked

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The Ivy Bridge line of Intel CPUs is set to be released in the second quarter of 2012, and leaked specifications confirm a reduction in power usage and a new graphics core.

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The new line of Intel CPUs, dubbed the Ivy Bridge series, is set to ship in the second quarter of 2012, narrowing the timeframe from the previously-announced first half of 2012. Leaked specifications for i5 and i7 desktop processors confirm that Intel is focusing on improved graphics and lower power consumption. The eight standard chips have a 19 percent lower TDP than their current Sandy Bridge equivalents, meaning they'll require less power to dissipate heat, and Intel has increased its list of low-power chips from six to ten, something which fits with Intel's long-term goal of improving efficiency.

As previously reported, the chips use more powerful and efficient 22nm technology — compared to 32nm in Sandy Bridge — and will have a new graphics core that supports DirectX 11. The only missing piece of the puzzle now is how Ivy Bridge will translate to i3 and mobile chips, which weren't part of the leaked information. For more analysis and lots of charts, check the links below.