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TouchPad Go shows up on eBay for $700

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An unreleased HP TouchPad Go has been listed on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $700.

TouchPad Go on eBay
TouchPad Go on eBay

Want a 7-inch TouchPad? The product you're looking for is the TouchPad Go — a miniaturized version of HP's doomed tablet that never got a chance to make a dent in the market once the company started waffling on webOS's future. Your odds of ever being able to walk down to Best Buy to pick up a TouchPad Go are practically nil at this point, but all hope is not lost: there's a pre-release model posted on eBay right now (not the first time this has happened to HP, by the way) for a steep $700, and it's even got a 3G radio along with 32GB of storage. The little tab is listed as coming from China, which doesn't come as much of a surprise considering that many of the world's tablets are born there — it does, however, mean that the buyer will need to wait a little bit longer to take delivery. Considering how long said buyer has already been waiting, though, no harm in waiting a few more days.

Thanks, Captain2Phones!