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Good Deal: 27-inch 1080p Planar LCD monitor for $219.99

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The Planar PX2710MW 27-inch LCD monitor is available for $219.99 until January 5th from Dell when you use a coupon code.

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Planar PX2710MW Monitor Good Deal
Planar PX2710MW Monitor Good Deal

You can never have enough screen real estate, right? Well, with today's Good Deal you can add 27 inches for only $219.99. Dell's selling the Planar PX2710MW TFT LCD monitor at that low price (when bought with coupon code QCR?5VTB6Z?3T5) and it has free shipping, too. It seems to be a solid monitor: the 1080p screen resolution is a bit low for a 27-inch display, but so is the price. It's got HDMI, DVI, VGA, and 3.5mm audio inputs, two stereo speakers, and it's VESA-mount compatible. The PX2710MW also comes with a lengthy three-year warranty. The coupon code is good until January 5th, and with it the monitor's over 50% off its regular price from Dell (although other retailers have been selling it around the $300 range). See our product page for all of the PX2710W's specs.