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Verizon drops $2 'convenience fee' due to customer feedback

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Double Washington
Double Washington

Just a day after it confirmed that it would be adding a $2 'convenience fee' for paying bills online or over the phone, Verizon's cancelled the charge, citing negative customer feedback as the reason for the shift. The fee was set to go into effect on January 15th.

The proposed fee also caught the attention of federal regulators: as Reuters reports, an FCC spokesperson said today that "on behalf of American consumers, we're concerned about Verizon's actions and are looking into the matter." It's not the first time the FCC has looked into Verizon's billing practices — Bloomberg reported last year that Verizon agreed to pay a settlement of $25 million to the US and at least $52.8 million to customers as part of an FCC investigation into "mystery fees." Verizon's lightning fast capitulation is the second major one this year, after Bank of America went back on its proposed $5 monthly debit card fee.