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60beat's GamePad brings console-style controls to iOS

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60beat's GamePad is console-style controller for iOS games that works over your device's headphone jack.

60beat GamePad Controller
60beat GamePad Controller

Devices like ThinkGeek's iCade have added physical controls to iOS games before via Bluetooth, but 60beat's GamePad has a unique twist: it's a controller that works using your device's headphone jack. Plugging the accessory into your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch causes the on-screen controls on a supported game to disappear, allowing you to use the GamePad's familiar dual analog sticks, D-pad, and 10 action buttons for a full-screen gaming experience. Even better, the device requires no batteries: it pulls power over the headphone jack, making it a lightweight candidate to have on hand for spur-of-the-moment gaming. The device also ships with an audio splitter, so we're assuming that the controller doesn't completely block your sound. Of course, a controller is only as good as the titles it can be used with, and the selection is currently slim. Only Bugdom 2 and the zombie game Aftermath made it for launch, but 60beat promises more compatible games will be coming by February of 2012. If you'd like to wrap your hands around a real controller the next time you sit down with your iPad, the accessory is available now for $49.99.