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Asus Transformer Prime 32GB now on sale at Office Depot

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In the first non-preorder sale we've seen, you can now purchase an Asus Transformer Prime from Office Depot for $499.99.

Transformer Prime
Transformer Prime

Didn't get in on the delayed pre-orders? Have some Christmas cash to burn? You can finally purchase the new Asus Transformer Prime from Office Depot, where the 32GB model is in stock and on sale for $499.99. That price doesn't include Android 4.0, unfortunately, which will be preloaded on the Italian version of the tablet when it arrives next month, but in the meanwhile you're getting the best Honeycomb slate we've ever used. With a quad-core Tegra 3 processor, a crisp SuperIPS+ display, excellent battery life during HD video playback, and an optional keyboard dock with an additional battery inside, you're getting quite a lot of cutting-edge tech for the price. Just know that it doesn't quite have the software to match (yet) and there may be some GPS issues with the device. Why not read our full review before making a decision?