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The Vergecast returns, Monday, January 2nd

The Vergecast returns, Monday, January 2nd


The Vergecast in 2012 — can you even imagine it?

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Hey, we know what you're thinking: what's up with the Vergecasters? Are they okay? Did they eat too much over the holidays and die?

Don't worry. We're fine. We just have to hang with our families and celebrate the New Year, and drink some champagne, and spraypaint graffito all over Manhattan, and ride our new scooters, and watch Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol four times in one day, and stay up all night during that awesome Twilight Zone marathon on New Year's Day on the SyFy channel. We mean Sci-Fi. Oh you know what we mean.

But soon that will all be done, and we're planning on bringing you an exciting new Vergecast, complete with our predictions for CES 2012 — which begins in a matter of days (don't worry, we'll be there in our double-wide with the full team, and you can track all the coverage on our custom CES hub).