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PlayStation Vita still getting Flash, Sony hopes

PlayStation Vita still getting Flash, Sony hopes


Sony is in negotiations with Adobe to bring Flash to the PlayStation Vita, despite the bleak outlook elsewhere for the platform.

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Despite the future for Flash as a mobile platform looking pretty bleak, Sony is still in negotiations with Adobe to bring the "full web" experience to the PlayStation Vita. In an interview with AV Watch, Sony Computer Entertainment's Senior VP Yoshio Matsumoto, Product Division Chief Hiromi Wakai, and Division 2 Software Development Head Muneki Shimada said that there's "still no progress" in Flash coming to the handheld, but Sony has no plans to give up on the platform. Adobe has abandoned Flash for mobile devices and TVs, but with the current dependency on Flash for most internet streaming and even whole websites at the moment, Sony wants to ensure full compatibility for its media-centric device.

The interview also confirms other aspects of the console we'd heard suggested before, including the odd upscaling of games via the Remote Play feature and a total lack of support for 1080p video at launch. Mac owners will also be left out in the cold for transferring media at first — there's no mass storage support, and special software is required to load up your media to the Vita. With so much focus on the device's limitations, it seems as if Sony is managing expectations to avoid complaints when the device actually arrives — but will the gameplay overshadow these issues?