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Senseye lets you control your phone by looking at it, will ship next year (video)

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Senseye, which lets you control a mobile phone with eye movement, may be included in phones starting June 2013, and a $99 attachment for existing devices is slated for mid-2012.


Eye-controlled interfaces have been around for years, but a new tool called Senseye might be the first mass-market implementation. Using a front-facing camera and infrared LED, Senseye tracks eye motion with enough accuracy to dim the screen when no one is looking at it, auto-scroll text on a page, and let the user enter a passcode or play a simple shooting game by looking at numbers or enemies. The proof of concept uses a bulky case, but final versions are planned as either small dongles or part of the phone itself.

This may sound similar to the eye-controlled Asteroids game we told you about last month, but unlike the $15,000 limited-edition arcade cabinet, you actually stand a chance of using Senseye. The team says that the total cost of the camera and LED is around $5, and that the first Senseye-equipped phones will ship in June 2013, although they haven't yet named any partners. Besides the features listed above, Senseye will let advertisers track how long users look at different elements on the screen. They're also planning to release a $99 attachable unit for developers and early adopters next year. Below, you can see a demo of the technology on an Android phone, plus a longer explanation of Senseye and its future.