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Androidland: Telstra and Google open dedicated store in Melbourne

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Telstra has opened its Androidland retail store in Melbourne, Australia. Developed in conjunction with Google and its hardware vendors, shoppers can get hands-on time with the latest Android gadgets in this unique environment.

Androidland storefront
Androidland storefront

Mobile carrier Telstra, through a joint effort with Google and its vendors, has launched what is being dubbed the world's first retail presence dedicated solely to Android. A store within a store, Androidland — in development since July — can be found inside Telstra's Bourke Street location in Melbourne, Australia. The shop serves as an exhibit for the latest and greatest devices utilizing the mobile platform, with employees (or "experts") having received their training directly from Google so as to provide a level of product familiarity exceeding that of your typical wireless salesperson.

But it's the environment that's the real story here. Themed heavily after the green robot we've all come to know, Androidland sets out to offer unique experiences by allowing visitors to play Angry Birds and navigate Google Earth on massive displays. There are boardwalk games and occasional free snacks. The store even features scented areas with gingerbread and grass aromas to further encapsulate the senses. While it may at times sound more like a theme park than a retail outlet, the idea here is clearly to form a tangible (and profitable) relationship between consumers and Android.

Check out the video below for a peek at the spaceship. Really. That's what they call it. Planning a visit? Androidland is open now, seven days a week.

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