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Revised Acer Aspire S3, possibly with Ivy Bridge, planned for April 2012 release

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According to recent comments, Acer is planning a revision to its Aspire S3 ultrabook that could bring Ivy Bridge processors as soon as April of 2012.

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We weren't blown away by the Aspire S3, but according to recent comments Acer is planning an Ivy Bridge revision to the ultrabook that could be shipping in five months' time. "I think in April next year we are having a new slightly redesigned version of S3," Acer Middle East country manager Grigory Nizovsky told reporters at a recent breakfast. According to the Khaleej Times Online, Nizovsky noted the revision would include a new platform from Intel — which we take as a reference to the aforementioned Ivy Bridge architecture — and that while ultrabooks currently account for 20 percent of Acer's sales in the United Arab Emirates, the company expects that number to double next year.

Intel had previously planned to begin production of Ivy Bridge chips in Q4 of this year, with sales starting in the first half of 2012. However, it recently informed its partners that the chips wouldn't be shipping until the second quarter of next year, making the April date somewhat optimistic. Still, with CES expected to be an ultrabook extravaganza, we'll have much more information on the plans of Acer, and other OEMs, for you very soon.