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HTC Flyer Honeycomb update rolling out in Europe, coming to US 'very soon'

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Owners of the HTC Flyer in France and Holland have reportedly begun receiving the Honeycomb OTA update for the Android 7-incher.

htc flyer
htc flyer

Screenshots for the Honeycomb update to the HTC Flyer leaked back in September, but owners of the device have been left empty-handed. Their wait might soon be over, with HTC Hub and SlashGear reporting that users in both France and Holland have started receiving the over-the-air update. Currently available only for the 32GB variants of the Android 7-incher, the update is said to come in at 210MB and bring the software up to version 3.55.405.1. There's no word yet on availability for 16GB devices, nor on release dates for other countries. We've reached out to HTC for clarification, and will let you know as soon as we have more information.

Update: HTC has confirmed for us that the Honeycomb update is rolling out in all of Europe today. While it doesn't have an exact date, HTC told us that US Flyer owners should be getting the update "very soon."