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Nvidia, Qualcomm, and TI each teaming up with two tablet manufacturers for Windows 8?

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Tegra 3 Windows 8 tablet
Tegra 3 Windows 8 tablet

We're still not entirely clear on what Windows 8 on ARM hardware will look like (and if the full desktop mode will be making the jump), but word from Taiwan is that each of Microsoft's chosen ARM partners have been in the process of selecting two manufacturers to partner with on Windows 8 tablets. According to Digitimes, Qualcomm has teamed up with Samsung and Sony, Texas Instruments has linked arms with Toshiba and Samsung, and Nvidia has chosen Lenovo and Acer. Note the repeat of Samsung; it appears TI and Qualcomm are battling over the Korean hardware maker.

Now, the news comes to us from Digitimes, so it should be taken with a grain of salt, but it does seem to make quite a bit of sense that these silicon makers would be working closer than ever with these OEMs because of the new software stack. What is puzzling is that Asus is left out of this grand plan, and considering Asus is a leading WoA (Windows on ARM) member and planning to release a Win 8 tablet in 2012 it seems highly unlikely that it wouldn't be included here. Regardless, it seems that the ARM-based Windows 8 tablets are brewing... somewhere.