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    Dell: We're not backing away from Android

    Dell: We're not backing away from Android


    Dell remains committed to Android.

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    If you thought Dell's axing of the Streak 7 here in the US was symbolic of its move away from Android, the company wants you to know that's absolutely not the case. The following, long-winded statement was just issued by the company: 

    "Dell remains committed to the mobility market and continues to sell products here and in other parts of the world. Streak 7 delivered a unique experience for customers who wanted a larger screen-size yet the freedom of staying connected to their personal and professional content while on the-go. It continues to be available in many markets through retail, distributors and carrier partners such as Optus in Australia. A 10-inch version of the tablet, Streak 10 Pro, is currently offered in China, offering the ultimate digital divide between work and life. The Venue and Venue Pro devices, as well, continue to earn accolades for performance, design and functionality around the world. We also recently launched the Latitude ST, a 10-inch Windows 7-based touch-screen tablet designed for vertical markets such as education, finance and healthcare in November of this year. We remain committed to expanding our reach beyond PCs with a targeted set of open, standards-based mobility solutions and services designed for commercial and mobile professional customers."

    Yeah, it's a mouthful, but a Dell PR rep put it much more simply to us: "we're not backing away from Android." He also added that Dell remains committed to the Android platform. Of course, he wouldn't give any examples of upcoming products, but hey, CES isn't too far away now.