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Apple considering a large new data center in Oregon?

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According to The Oregonian, Apple is considering building a new data center in Prineville, Oregon that would support its iCloud service.

Apple North Carolina Data Center (Google Earth)
Apple North Carolina Data Center (Google Earth)

Apple's major push into the cloud was accompanied by the launch of a massive $1 billion data center in North Carolina in 2010, and now it's looking to build a new server warehouse in Prineville, Oregon, according to The Oregonian. If Apple does go forward with the plans, it won't be a huge surprise given the scale of iCloud; the service allows users to store up to 5GB of data from a variety of Apple services and have that content sync with all of their Apple / iOS devices wirelessly.

Like North Carolina, Oregon provides lucrative tax breaks for tech companies, which have already attracted Facebook, Google, and Amazon to build their own data centers there. Apple is reportedly eyeing a tract of land that would cozily place its new server farm a quarter-mile from Facebook's facility, but The Oregonian says that Apple's currently trying to determine if the location has enough electricity to meet its needs.