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Rdio adds private listening options for Facebook and

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Rdio has begun offering users the option to enable private listening so their songs played are not posted to Facebook or

Rdio iPhone 4
Rdio iPhone 4

The recent Facebook music-sharing trend has the unintended consequence of potentially broadcasting everything you listen to out to your friends, including your carefully-curated collection of embarrassing 80s one-hit wonders. Spotify quickly realized this and started offering private listening, and now Rdio is following suit. If you have your Facebook and / or accounts linked to Rdio, you can easily de-select whether or not you want your listening habits shared through the "external settings" tab on Rdio's home page (it should be enabled by default, if you've linked up these accounts). Rdio's blog didn't mention its mobile apps, but it looks like they respect your privacy settings, as well. These new privacy settings are available now, so play your guilty pleasures to your heart's content.