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Memods Console Armor for Xbox 360 snaps on infinite flair for $69.99

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Memods' Console Armor is a snap-on Xbox 360 case mod with a USB-powered "infinity effect."

Memods Xbox 360 Console Armor 2
Memods Xbox 360 Console Armor 2

The creators of last year's impressive "infinity effect" Xbox 360 case mod are now taking pre-orders for their new Console Armor accessory that offers the same look without voiding your warranty. Unlike the original mod, the commercial version snaps-on easily to the Xbox 360 slim, and uses the console's rear USB port to power the light box. The company says customizable frames and light sheets are coming soon, and you can check out some of the accessory options in a video below. It's a quick way to add some character to your console if you're not stocked with Dremel tools and hardcore modding know-how. Console Armor starts at $69.99, and Memods says it'll start shipping in January.

Update: Memods has informed us that the price for Console Armor is $69.99 in the US (plus $9.99 shipping), rather than the $94 we originally quoted.