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Opera 11.60 now available, improves HTML5 engine

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Opera has released version 11.60 of its browser for Mac, Windows, and Linux. This update provides improvements to the HTML5 rendering engine, a revamped built-in mail client, and and updated address field.

Opera 11.60
Opera 11.60

Just a few days before its 15th birthday, Opera is launching version 11.60 of the eponymous browser for Mac, Windows, and Unix. The main new features include an HTML5 rendering engine claimed to use less memory and open secure pages faster, an updated address field that offers suggestions for search queries as you type, and a quick shortcut to add sites to your "speed dial" (the grid of site bookmarks displayed when you open a new browser windows or tab).

This new release also includes updates to the built-in mail client, one of Opera's more unique features — the design has been refreshed and grouped messaging has been added. In a quick test, this feature works as advertised; a few tested Gmail accounts loaded with their folder structure intact, and messages with multiple labels showed up in each location. If you're looking for an alternative to the big three browsers, Opera 11.60 is available to download now.