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Good Deal: Minecraft and nine other Android apps for 10 cents each

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The Android Market has 10 apps for $0.10 each — including SwiftKey X and Minecraft — to start off ten days of offers.

Good Deal 10 billion promo
Good Deal 10 billion promo

Google is celebrating the 10 billionth app download from the Android Market with a "10 Billion Promo" that offers 10 apps for $0.10 each, or 10p in the UK. There are some great apps too: SwiftKey X, Minecraft, and SoundHound, to name a few. SwiftKey X is a popular replacement for the stock Android keyboard, and SoundHound can identify songs much in the same way as Shazam does. Minecraft, on the other hand, needs no introduction. Google's banner ad indicates there'll be 10 days of offers, so we'd expect another good deal tomorrow.