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Kinect mod for Skyrim adds voice and motion control to unleash your inner Dovahkiin

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A modder has integrated Microsoft's Kinect with Skyrim on the PC, allowing players to use voice and motion controls with the game.

Kinect Skyrimmed
Kinect Skyrimmed

Microsoft's Kinect still isn't the reliably robust motion-sensing device we wish it was, but every time we see a breathtaking mod come out we can't help but fall in love with its promise. This time, YouTube user KinectFAAST (who doesn't seem to be explicitly affiliated with the Kinect FAAST USC group) has integrated the sensor with Skyrim on PC to glorious effect in a video you can see below. The mod lets players speak in order to switch weapons, access their favorites, open their quest journal, start conversations with NPCs by saying "hello," and of course, shout in the dragon tongue. A program called Voice Activated Commands (VAC) was used to map recordings of dragon shouts and other phrases to in-game actions.

The motion control side of things is equally impressive, and the mod allows players to slash, cast spells, walk, sprint, and perform other movements with gestures that appear quite intuitive. Still, we can't help but wonder what this would look like with official support. Do you hear us, Bethesda? Get on it.