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Ectaco Jetbook Color E Ink reader ships January for $499.99

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Ectaco is launching the first color E Ink reader to hit the US. The Jetbook Color has a 9.7" 1600x1200 display, comes preloaded with a variety of education-focused applications, and will ship in January.

jetbook color
jetbook color

We're finally starting to see color e-readers with easy-to-read, non-reflective screens (i.e. not a glossy LCD) pop up around the world. While the long-awaited Mirasol reader debuted in Korea recently, the first to come to the English-speaking market will be the Ectaco Jetbook Color, with a 1600x1200 9.7" Triton Color E Ink display and WiFi connectivity. The device isn't totally new; it's actually a rebrand of a model from Chinese company Hanvon, and previously launched in Eastern Europe. For its US release, though, it comes loaded with new firmware and educational applications including a 50 state reading list and interactive SAT course. Sound good? Pre-orders are currently going for a "holiday price" of $499.99, but won't quite make it in time to go under your tree — the expected ship date is January 15.