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Comcast: we're selling Verizon Wireless products in 2012

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Verizon's CEO Neil Smit announced that Comcast, a member of SpectrumCo, will start selling Verizon Wireless products in 2012. The partnership comes on the heels of SpectrumCo's sale of a large part of its wireless spectrum to Verizon.


Comcast is going to start selling Verizon Wireless products in 2012, stated Comcast Cable president Neil Smit at an investor conference yesterday. As we reported, Comcast cashed out $2.3 billion in the SpectrumCo deal, a deal that allows SpectrumCo members Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and Bright House to sell Verizon's service directly, and it appears that Comcast is going to be the first to take advantage.

While SpectrumCo had been formed as a way for the cable companies to move into the wireless space, the $3.6 billion deal with Verizon will allow Comcast to offer Verizon Wireless services now, say as part of a cable, internet, and wireless service bundle, rather than spend the time and money to develop its own wireless infrastructure. The two companies will continue to compete, however, in markets where Verizon's FIOS service competes directly with Comcast's cable and DSL service.