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FBI reportedly testing iPhone fingerprint scanner to ID suspects

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Cult of Mac is reporting that the FBI is testing an iPhone fingerprint scanner, the FbF mobileOne, to help quickly identify potential suspects.

FbF mobileOne
FbF mobileOne

The FBI is set to test an iPhone-powered fingerprint scanner to use in the fight against crime, according to a report by Cult of Mac. Using a $599 peripheral known as the FbF mobileOne, law enforcement agents can scan a suspect's fingerprints and check against the FBI's national database for quick identification. Built by Fulcrum Biometrics, the mobileOne itself was released in late May, and features a 256-bit, 508dpi fingerprint scanner built by Authentec that attaches to an iPhone or iPod touch through the iPod 30-pin connector. Fulcrum claims that it can process 10 fingerprints plus a set of five facial images in under one minute. Cult of Mac notes that the mobileOne is "among" the devices undergoing a trial in 2012, but given the amount of technology the FBI tests, we're likely a long way from seeing this in the field, if it ever gets there.