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Steve Jobs commemorated in online exhibit at Computer History Museum

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The Computer History Museum posted an online exhibit tracing the history of Steve Jobs's career. The exhibit features a wealth of rarely-seen media, from documents and advertisements to photographs and video.

steve jobs no watermark
steve jobs no watermark

If you only have one click to spare on the life and career of Steve Jobs, you could do a lot worse than heading over to the exhibit just posted at the Computer History Museum. It's a continually scrolling retrospective of his work in technology, starting from the illegal blue box phone call exploits with Steve Wozniak and ending with the release of the iPad, adorned with images and videos from the museum's archive. There's a lot of stuff you might not have seen, including photographs and advertisements from the early days of Apple, and a 22 minute video from 1980 of Jobs discussing the company. Make sure to visit the exhibit at the source below.

Photo credit Norman Seef