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iOS users: How close are you to being Post-PC and what's holding you back?


After reading a few posts about iTunes, productivity on the iPad and some other stories similar to this, I've thought more about how I use my MacBook less and less at home.

Now, along with my iPad, I also have an iPhone 4. To pull out on the subway or whilst I'm walking to the office, the iPhone is of course, the better device, but I have found that once at home, if I feel like reading on the train, I will reach for my iPad.

With iOS 5 and iTunes Match, I don't have to sync my iPad so often, or power up my MacBook to run a wifi sync. The only problem I had at first was syncing Podcasts, and whilst I have since installed Instacast, I feel that Apple should really do something themselves for this.

For me, the only things I really would like Apple to change in the future for me to finally really be "post pc" are the following:

  • Time Capsule to have a local backup (or to sync everything with iCloud) of your iCloud data - I like having my data in the cloud, but if for some reason something goes crazy, or if it is quicker to stream from inside my network, I wouldn't mind shelling out the dough for a 2TB Time Capsule. Especially if it will let me access my video from my AppleTV.
  • Aperture for iOS. This along with moving my Aperture library to iCloud or onto a Time Capsule would be amazing for me. When I'm at home, I don't get a great deal of time to organize photos that I take with my SLR or to tag faces, if I could do this on my iPad (or iPhone) whilst out and about, on my lunch break, or whilst watching the game, I would feel much happier. Of course, I understand that the A5 may not have enough power to really edit raw files and that my iPad with a measly 16GB storage isn't enough for my Aperture library, but this is where iCloud's storage and processing power should come in.
  • I would love Apple to release Apple Remote Desktop, Server Admin and Workgroup Admin for iOS. Airport Utility for iOS is a great app, and with those others, I see the need for my MacBook in the office diminish greatly too.
Of course, there are probably things that I had forgotten about, but that is where everyone else comes in - how are you all finding your iOS devices, and what do you need to move into the 'Post PC' era?