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Facebook's Timeline rollout begins today

Facebook's Timeline rollout begins today


Facebook is beginning to roll out its new Timeline profile design, with a staggered rollout starting in New Zealand. However, users in other countries have reported receiving the invitation already.

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While we're sure more than a few of you have already got the Timeline through posing as a developer, for everyone else the rollout begins today. The Timeline is Facebook's "new way of expressing who you are," which blurs the current dividing lines in your profile and mixes the content from your information section (including your Likes and music taste) with the links and statuses posted onto your wall. It also makes older stories far more accessible, meaning that people can skip back a couple of years and see the photos of you as a drunken mess in college. New Zealand's set to be the first to receive the public rollout, with Facebook saying that this limited test bed will be used to optimize the new design's speed and performance. However, we've seen reports already of users in other countries receiving the invitation to adopt the new profile style, so it seems that a wider release might be coming sooner than expected. We're already bracing ourselves for the wave of complaining statuses, but while you're waiting, check out our tour of the new design.