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Exmovere teams up with AT&T to bring wireless tracking to baby pajamas

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Exmovere Holdings announces partnership with AT&T to bring wireless service to its Exmobaby biosensor pajamas.


Exmovere's previously announced biosensor baby pajamas have taken another step closer to market today, announcing that AT&T will provide wireless service to the product, the Exmobaby. If you're not familiar with Exmobaby, it's a onesie for infants up to the age of one year, which uses biosensors to track things such as heart rate, skin temperature, and movement. Parents or caregivers can choose to receive text message information about the baby when its out of sight range, and the new announcement of AT&T's wireless provision will allow the baby to be jacked in to the home network.

Exmovere does not appear to have a distributor for the Exmobaby yet, so there's no way to estimate when (if ever) we'll see it hit retail shelves.