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Verizon Galaxy Nexus extended battery bumps capacity and thickness

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Verizon will be offering an extended 2100mAh battery to go along with the Galaxy Nexus which should retail for $49.99

Galaxy Nexus LTE extended battery Android Central
Galaxy Nexus LTE extended battery Android Central

If you're worried about LTE affecting the battery life on your Galaxy Nexus, Verizon appears to have a solution ready. A poster on the Android Central forums shared some photos and specs for a Verizon- and Samsung-branded extended battery that offers a 2100mAh capacity (up from the standard 1850mAh) at the cost of a slight amount of thickness. As this kit seems like it will be specifically offered by Verizon, we're not sure yet if it'll work with the GSM Galaxy Nexus. According to the forum post, the battery and extended back cover will set you back $49.99.

Image Credit: reflekt2099 (Android Central Forums)