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Apple Store Grand Central opens December 9th, has dual Genius Bars

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The Apple Store Grand Central will open this Friday, December 9th at 10AM.

apple store grand central
apple store grand central

It's been a couple weeks since Apple put up that teaser display for its fancy new Apple Store Grand Central, but it looks like the wait is over: the store will open this Friday, December 9th at 10AM. We stopped by for a brief press preview and were told that the store would have some 315 employees, two Genius Bars, and feature all the latest Apple retail tricks, including the iPhone-based EasyPay self-checkout system. The launch will also expand Apple's retail presence in New York to five retail stores and more than 4,000 store employees — and it'll mark the third totally unique store design in the city after West 14th Street and the recently renovated Cube. Just in time for the holidays, we suppose.