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Eric Schmidt: Google TV on 'majority' of new TVs by summer 2012

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Google's CEO Eric Schmidt made an appearance at the LeWeb conference in Paris, saying that Google TV was going to be on the majority of new TVs in Summer 2012, among other eyebrow-raising soundbites.


Eric Schmidt thinks his company is doing great — much better than we had even realized. Onstage at LeWeb in Paris this afternoon, Google's Executive Chairman told the audience that, "By the summer of 2012, the majority of the televisions you see in stores will have Google TV embedded." The claim would seem to run counter to mixed reviews, disappointing sales numbers to date, and the growth of competing connected TV platforms. Perhaps Schmidt knows something we don't? He went on to say that the quality of apps in the Android Market was just around the corner from overtaking that of Apple’s App Store, adding that Android could perhaps become the mobile platform to develop for first. The relentless positivity didn't stop there, however — he later added that Google is acquiring about one company a day, although he amended it backstage to the more realistic figure of one a week. We have to say, we like Schmidt’s bullish attitude, but we're concerned that Mountain View might be being a little too blue-sky.