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Instagram CEO reiterates plans to launch on Android

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Instagram's CEO Kevin Systrom told attendees of the LeWeb '11 conference that the company has two developers working on an upcoming Android version of the photo-sharing app.

Verge Office Instagram
Verge Office Instagram

We've heard Instagram talk about a potential Android version of its app for months now, but CEO Kevin Systrom told attendees of the LeWeb '11 conference today that he had two members of his team currently developing it. That isn't much, but when you run a company of six people, it's a significant portion of your workforce. He also talked a little about Instagram's monetization plans, saying upcoming in-app advertising would be "extremely engaging" — it sounds like iPhone and Android users alike might want to prepare for sponsored photos in their Instagram streams. Unfortunately, Systrom gave no indication on when this app might launch, so Android users will have to continue being patient (or looking at other alternatives).