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HP taking orders on updated Envy line, Folio ultrabook

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HP is now taking orders on its updated Envy line of laptops and the new Folio ultrabook. Both products ship starting December 23rd.

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Those new HP portables we glimpsed back in November (Envy / Folio) are now available for purchase. Arriving just in time for holiday orders — though not actually shipping until December 23rd — base configurations for the Beats Audio-enabled Envy 15, 17, and 17 3D are priced at $1099.99, $1249.99, and $1,499.99 respectively. The Folio 13 is also for sale now, and starting at $899.99, it represents HP's entrance into the ultrabook market. While it's larger than Apple's MacBook Air, the convenience of built-in HDMI and Ethernet ports make for decent tradeoffs. We realize you may be hesitant to plop down the cash for either of HP's new offerings without an accompanying Verge score, so expect full reviews for both in the near future. In the meantime, we've put together a comparison of all four devices for reference.