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Sony Ericsson details difficulties of preparing Android upgrades

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Sony Ericsson has posted insight into the difficulties of preparing its Ice Cream Sandwich update and once again confirm Android 4.0 will make its way to the entire line of 2011 Xperia phones.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play (CDMA) headline (1000px)
Sony Ericsson Xperia Play (CDMA) headline (1000px)

A few hours after Motorola's update on its Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade path, Sony Ericsson has posted some insight into what it's doing to prepare the update and also confirmed once again that Android 4.0 will make its way to the entire line of 2011 Xperia phones. Just like Motorola, Sony Ericsson corroborates that it will be customizing the OS by adding its own "feature upgrades," but it also outlines the difficulties manufacturers face when adopting the source code to work with disparate hardware. Since Ice Cream Sandwich was adapted "to some extent" for better compatibility with the TI hardware platform, used by the Galaxy Nexus, and the Xperia line uses Qualcomm components, its developers will have to make changes for features such as the camera, graphics, audio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and sensors to all work properly. Additionally, Sony Ericsson has to account for variations — like screen size — within its own hardware line, proving that Ice Cream Sandwich may not be the magic bullet to cure Android fragmentation.