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Apple iBooks update adds full-screen reading, new fonts, and night time mode

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Apple's just released an update to iBooks which adds a number of features including full-screen reading, new fonts, and night time reading mode.

iPad iBooks update
iPad iBooks update

The new Apple iBooks update adds a number of features designed to refine and enhance the reading experience. Full-screen reading completely eliminates distractions like the faux-book and paper theme, title bar, and page numbers, leaving a reading experience that more closely resembles the iOS Kindle app. Apple has also expanded the limited set of iBooks fonts to include four new entries (such as Athelas and Iowan), and there's also a new "night time" reading theme with a black background and white text — again, very similar to the Kindle iOS app. Apple's also slightly tweaked annotations, highlighting, and footnotes have also all be tweaked slightly, and there's the usual "stability and performance enhancements" that often come along with new apps.