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Microsoft's My Xbox Live app for iOS puts a little Windows Phone on your iPhone

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Microsoft launched the My Xbox Live app for iOS today, which lets you message Xbox Live friends, track achievements, and change your avatar.

my xbox live
my xbox live

Microsoft's big mobile launch today was obviously the Xbox Companion App for Windows Phone, but it snuck out a little something else as well: the My Xbox Live app for iOS. It's pretty basic compared to what's happening on WP7: there's no actual integration with your console, nor are there any games to play, but it's nice little interface for sending messages to Live buddies, changing your avatar, or tracking your achievements. And by "interface" we mean "Trojan Horse for a complete Windows Phone 7 experience on the iPhone," right down to the three nav icons on the bottom row, swipe between panels, and Segoe IU typeface. Sneaky stuff, Microsoft. It's available for free now in the App Store.