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Nokia Lumia 710 bound for T-Mobile, according to its manual

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FCC filings for the Nokia Lumia 710 reveal the T-Mobile logo on the phone, giving us our strongest indication yet that the Windows Phone device is destined for that carrier. We expect an official announcement on December 14th.

Nokia Lumia 710 manual image 800
Nokia Lumia 710 manual image 800

After Nokia and T-Mobile told us they'd have something to announce on December 14th, all eyes were on Windows Phone. More specifically, they were on the FCC filing for the Nokia Lumia 710 posted way back in October 21st. WPCentral gave the user manual a read-through only to discover several images like the one you see above, a Nokia Lumia 710 complete with T-Mobile branding. That's as clear a sign as we're likely to get that Nokia is bringing its mid-range Windows Phone to the US first.

It's not entirely surprising as the Lumia 710 is the only Windows Phone device featured on Nokia's US site, but it is a little disappointing for those who were hoping that the flagship Lumia 800 would arrive stateside. Hopefully the Lumia 710 will be available in an array of colors on T-Mobile, because if we were looking to get a straight white Windows Phone on the carrier, the HTC Radar offers some stiff competition.